Madrid Racer Single Speed (As New)



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New,  BLUE- very good condition.

Aluminium racing style road bike.  26" 100 psi rated road tyres with scrader valve.  Single speed flip flop hub gear set. Double pivot, aluminium caliper brakes.  Racing style pedals with feet housing.  Suitable for riders up to 6'5 and 120kg (19 stone).  Available in 3 colours.


These retro-style single speed bicycles are ideal for urban commutes as they offer easy maintenance and fast cycling. The single gear ratio and low weight offers an ideal compromise to allow users to both accelerate very fast and maintain a high speed all in one gear. Cycling up small inclines will be easily achieved because of its lightweight chassis and its 'just right' gear ratio. The so called 'flip flop hub' allows the cyclist to free wheel and coast down a hill (like a standard bike), or, by flipping the rear wheel over, the cyclist can have a fixed gear (like that of a track / velodrome bike). The fixed gear is very much an experience; it helps maintain the momentum of the bike via constantly rotating pedals; this encourages the cyclist to keep pedalling. It also allows the cyclist to both accelerate and brake with their feet which allows more control when braking in wet or icy conditions. This is because your feet are in complete control of the rear wheel rather than the brake pads potentially slipping (due to water / ice) or the wheels potentially locking due to the over application of the brakes. So we are bringing retro back. We, at bicycles4u, think these single speed bicycles look and feel great. They have that solid, safe and sturdy feel while maintaining the slim and sophisticated elegance attributed to much more expensive bicycles of this genre.


Wheel / Tyre Diameter: 26 Inch 100 psi rated road tyres with Scrader Valve Overall Length (wheel to wheel): 166 cm  Frame Material: Aluminium
Frame Type: Racing Style Drive Type: Chain Gears: Single speed Flip Flop hub
Gear Shift Type: N/A Pedal Type: Racing Style with feet housing / straps Weight: 11 Kg
Recommended Rider Height: 167 - 198 cm (5'6 - 6'5) Maximum Rider Weight: 120 kg (19 Stone) Saddle to Pedal Distance: 82 - 97 cm
Saddle to Ground Distance: 95 - 105 cm Handlebar to Ground Distance: 88 - 91 cm Seat post to Handlebar Distance: 52 cm
Brake Type: V - Brakes Suspension: N/A Highly adjustable seat post featuring angle tilting
Ergonomically formed soft saddle. Double Pivot, Aluminium Caliper Brakes. Available Colours: Black, Blue, White


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