Elastomer Shock Absorption Foam Saddle




Our all new air cushioned Bicycles4u saddle provides an exceptionally comfortable ride.  With a seat area approximately 50% larger than an average saddle, this seat has been designed to provide a far softer and more stable platform for longer lasting comfort.  Packed with exceptional features, this saddle will ensure a pleasant ride, even on the bumpiest of roads.  Ideal for use with any of our bicycles.



Approximately 50% larger than a standard saddle
Air cushioned
Air bag incorporated into an elastomer (a powerful shock absorber)
Ideal suspension function
Maximised comfort
Absorbs tracking shock
Rail scale for quick and precise adjustment of saddle position
Rear bumper for saddle strength and protection
Provides a soft ride without any bulky springs.
Air cushioning provides an ideal way to maximise comfort with no weight gain.