Electric Bike Information

Bicycles4u’s all new electric folding bikes offer many innovative and unique additions to the world of electric cycling; it manages to be incredibly lightweight, fast, foldable and extremely economical compared with other automated modes of transport.

How we saved weight
These electric bikes use a 36V 6.6Ah Lithium Ion battery, these are advantageous over their Lead Acid counterparts due to their smaller, lighter and higher charge rates – they propel the cyclist for a longer time and faster too. The battery is at 36V which keeps the motors and cabling smaller and lighter than that of 24V, thus reducing weight. Other space and weight saving techniques involve the battery being hidden inside the frame so there is no external bracketing required harbouring the battery pack; this reduces outside volume space and total net weight of the bike. Finally, the electric bike itself is made from lightweight aluminium alloy. A typical electric bike would be over 25kg, These bikes come in well under that.

How we made it user friendly to commuters.

The electric bike folds down to over half of its unfolded size. By reducing its area by over half it can be stowed away on public transport or in the back of an automobile. Folding a bike in half will also ease the carrying of the bike. Additionally, due to the ergonomically designed carry handle on the frame they are even easier to transport than most of their non-electric relatives. The perks to having these electric bikes are endless: with their top speed legally limited to 15mph and a range of 30miles it can handle a city day commute with ease.  We provide three cycling modes on our bikes: Fully electric, Pedal assist, Finally, there is the option to cycle normally – don’t let this mode deter you, as these bikes are significantly lighter than other electric bikes.

To charge up the battery we have provided two methods of charging:

1) Battery removal, simply remove the battery from inside the frame and charge it. This is beneficial if you have a bike rack at work or you leave your bike in the garage / porch with no nearby AC outlet. So you can take the battery up to your office / bedroom and charge it there. 2) Alternatively, there is an external socket on the bike itself where the battery can be charged. If you wish to push your bike into your home / place of work (for safety) you can put it on charge without having to remove the battery from the bike itself. Please note the battery is lockable with a key, for additional security.